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If one of your free emails gets to be too much to handle, you can just cancel it.  A very simple, easy solution.

Free emails can be obtained from Yahoo, Juno, Hotmail and from many other places. 

Here's a quick tip on how to keep track of the emails and passwords and/or sites and passwords.  Start a document with emails_sites_passwords or username_passwords,  etc.,  something like this.  When you obtain your new information, put a copy of it in this document along with your password.  Some sites and emails allow you to choose the password but many do not.  It is easy to forget your email address or the URL of the site or your passwords when you are accessing a lot of sites and/or getting more than one extra free email.

Another tip; Do NOT use your main Password on these sites, instead think of 2-3 different passwords.  That way, if you need to use a password, use one that's easy to remember for information sites and/or shopping.  Always remember to put the information in your document so that it is easy to retrieve.


Tip # 2


There are many computer viruses going aro color="#800000"> 

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The following Internet Safety Tips are here to help protect you while using the Internet.


(If you know what you are doing) The Internet can be a great place to get information, do research, for articles, get tips, and even for shopping.  LR Associates, Inc., wants you to feel safe on the Internet, since this is the way present and future business, personal buying and information gathering are being done.


Tip # 1

Get one or more free emails. 


Situation 1

Your friend just sent you a joke.  It was so great that you pass it along to a whole group of your friends.  Have you ever done this?

Of course you have!  We all have. 

Your Email along with all your friends and relatives and their friends and relatives just got added to a Spam list.  How? 

There are people getting paid to gather Email.  I have received opportunities to make money doing this myself.  Of course, I won't do it, but some people will.

There is a way to avoid this and to protect yourself.

Situation 2

You are searching for information and you finally find a site that has the information you need.  Have you or anyone you know ever done this?

I am on the Internet all the time searching for things.  It is a great place to find information.  In fact, you can usually find more info on the Internet in just a few minutes.  Having to find it elsewhere could take days or weeks.

When you find the site that has the information you need, they ask for your Email address.  They also ask if you want additional information sent to you on your topic.  Most of us say "Yes" to this since we want more information about our search subject.

Even if you do not want more information, to retrieve the information (you do want) you may find that you still have to provide your email address.  The next thing that happens is that you start getting all kinds of information that you did not even ask to have sent. 

You have just been violated, spammed and your information is gathered by many others.  The site may claim not to sell your information, but there are still people able to get your email for money.  

There is a way to avoid this.

Situation 3

You hear about a great shopping site or you have a favorite store that has a Website.  Now, instead of having to go to the store, you can just shop online.  You get excited because this saves you time and money. 

While on the site you have to provide your Email and they also ask if you want them to send “Specials” to you.  Of course, you do.

You put in your email address and then you start getting emails daily from them.  You did not want to know about that many specials so you want to cancel them sending you any more information.     

You cannot, unfortunately (in these situations) get them to stop sending you information and you can’t cancel your email either because too many people have it.

The Solution

You are probably asking yourself why these situations happen and why people would want your email.  There is a very simple explanation:  Money, Advertising, Power.

The way to avoid these situations is to get multiple free emails.  Then, when you are on a site and they ask for your email, you can use one of the free emails instead of your permanent email.  This avoids having hundreds, sometimes thousands,  of emails coming to your permanent email address.

  They can even come from close friends without their knowledge.

With so much information on the Internet, it is easy to pick up a virus.  The way to protect yourself is to have good daily-updated anti-virus software on your computer.

The reason I mention Daily Updated is that if your anti-virus software is not keeping up with the latest viruses, it is no good to you.  The best virus software is one that is constantly updating your computer, and keeping it  updated as a part of the package.

There are some good packages on the market and you should get it ASAP.  Most are pretty inexpensive compared to losing all your data in your computer.   Michigan Networks, Inc. is a company who will recommend a good virus protection for your computer and even install it for you, if you would like.

Another thing that will help is backing up your data, on a regular basis.  This is not easy to remember, but it is important.  If a virus does attack, you can reboot and restore your computer.  Although, this takes a lot of time, you will have the information.


Tip # 3

Use Your Blind Copy to Send Multiple Emails

When you are passing on jokes and information on the Internet to friends and associates, you may be putting them is danger of viruses.

Why is this?

There are many people on the Internet who just gather Emails.  Have you ever seen those sites that say, “Send this picture or joke, etc, to a friends email?”

Or you receive a joke or inspirational message from someone who encourages you to pass it along.  Everyone receives these, I do on a daily basis.

I was nave and would pass them along with all my friends email addresses on them for anyone to access.  People who get paid to gather email addresses count on this happening. 

You send friends jokes or information, they open their email and that address now goes on a list for someone to buy.

The way to avoid this is to use the Bcc (blind copy) part of your email message.

What you do is:
Put in the To: Friends (no email or your own)
Then in the BCC: Their actual email address


Because the BCC is the Blind Copy and no one will be able to get the Emails of the people to whom you are sending your message.

I was nave when I started on the Internet.  I did not know that every time I sent a joke or other information to others via Email, I was exposing their email address to millions of others.  Now I know better and am helping others to understand, too.

*These are just a few little tips to help you feel safer on the Internet.

At LR Associates, Inc. we want you to know that the Internet is still the safest place to go to get information.  We actually do the majority of our information gathering, searching, mailings & even shopping via the Internet.  It is faster and more convenient to use the Internet and we want you to feel the same way.  

We will be updating this page with more Safety tips, 
So check back often!




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